Why are small hidden nightclubs usually the best ones?

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Why are small hidden nightclubs usually the best ones?

Everybody knows that Australia has raging night clubs. It seems that everyone likes to party Down Under. How they party, however, varies from city to city and so do the door policies and the lockout laws. This is why it’s important to keep your priorities straight and know ahead what vibes you’re going to encounter. But what happens if you’re not the average club hopper? If you find large, crowded nightclubs full of sweaty people, why not enjoy partying somewhere different next weekend and channel the underground explorer in you?

There are loads of exciting small hidden nightclubs just waiting to be discovered and although you won’t find them on the first page of Google, there are well worth checking out! Here’s why:

That’s where the cool kids are

A subterranean secluded place is the perfect spot for mainstream hideout for all the underground singers, bands and DJs whose gigs turn into an epic party until sunrise. These are the types of places that attract interesting crowds of colourful people who unite in the name of fun and cheerful banter!

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Bragging material

When’s the last time you discovered a hip entertainment venue that made all your friends deeply appreciative for knowing you? Hidden places with unmarked doors are all ripe and waiting to be explored so finding a secret treasure that’s not on the clubbing map will surely give you a reason to brag about.

Creative and elaborate drinks

Tired of the same old drinks? If you too pray at the booze gods for larger, more interesting menus, it’s a sign to move on. Stop sipping at the same ordinary clubs and go to underground venues where you can enjoy drinks with naughty names, exciting ingredients, fun-shaped ice or served in peculiar ways. Those are the kind of spots that let you mix your own cocktails if you’re feeling creative. Or simply let an adventurous bartender take his own funky spin on old classics.

purple cocktail drinks

Outstanding décor

If it’s hidden, it’s small and fun-sized means freedom to really provide mind-blowing décor. Backdrop of industrial walls and interesting wall art, stunning mirrors, antique furniture, opulent lighting fixtures, cosy ambiance are just a few of the elements you can discover in small hidden nightclubs and once you find them, you won’t want to leave.

modern bar

Great staff

Freed from the stress of dealing with a monumental crowd, the staff working in underground clubs and their close friends is a cheery, motivated bunch with awesome stories to tell. Not interested? Did we mention the adventurous bartenders?

bartender making shots

Stimulating music

Mainstream music has its perks, but what you really want to hear is the kind of music that makes your blood rush through your veins and leaves you with the biggest question: what song is this? If you wish to enjoy the freedom of dancing in non-judgemental company and you’d like some new audio material for your earphones, the small hidden nightclubs hold the best tracks and mixes.

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