The 5 Cocktail Bars You Must Visit

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The 5 Cocktail Bars You Must Visit

After a stressful week at work, now is the right time the time you are giving yourself a break, time to unwind and elude yourself from all of those brainstorming with your colleagues and meetings at work. It’s Friday night again and you and your friends are on the hunt in visiting and trying the best bars, whether it was located abroad or in your neighborhood (because you deserve the best). Here are the 5 Best cocktail bars that you ought to grab a drink in.

Little Red Pocket, Australia

The best and in the number 1 bar is the Little Red Pocket (not biased at all hey?), Japanese inspired/themed bar located in the little Collin Street of Melbourne, Australia and was awarded Top 100 World’s Best Bar. Aside from their unique cocktails they are also serving a wide range of sake and mouthwatering Japanese tapas to satisfy their guest. Little Red Pocket is dedicated in providing their guests quality service and memorable experience. If you are planning on visiting the little red pocket don’t go there at Sundays and Mondays because they are closed within those days.

ZigZag Cafe, United States

ZigZag Cafe is located in the Western Avenue, Seattle of Washington and they were featured and ranked in The Best 25 Cocktail Bars in America by You might want to try their Stenson’s popular Corn N’ Oil costing only 11$. They are open from Monday-Sunday from 5pm- 2am. Note: they are only entertaining guests at the age of 21 years old and above as that is the legal age for alcohol consumption there.

Hiding in Plain Sight, Netherlands

Hiding in plain Sight or HPS for short was located in Rapunberg in Amsterdam. HPS received great reviews from their happy and satisfied customer and featured as one of the best cocktail bars in Amsterdam. With an old-fashioned vibe (including their menu), and you will be warmly greeted by their manager and owner and they might be the one who will be preparing your cocktails. They are open seven times a week but of course with their corresponding hours.

Bar High Five, Japan

This dreamy background cocktail bar is located on the fourth floor at Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Do not get freak out when they don’t handle you the menu and ask you a serious of questions on how you like your cocktail because they already know what to make and prepare for you and that’s one of the reason they’re unique. They are open at Monday- Saturday from 6pm- 2am.

PaliaKameni Cocktail Bar, Greece

Paliakameni cocktail bar is located in Fira, Santorini in Greece. How would you know that you’ve already reached them? They were surrounded by black fence and they have a statue of Aphrodite. What makes them popular is that while their customers are drinking their exquisite wines and cocktails they are also enjoying the view of the caldera scenery, it is best to go there at sunset because they will definitely provide you an utterly beautiful and memorable experience.They are open Monday-Sunday from 9:00am-2:00am.

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