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✔ Arrive at Little Red Pocket, your very own reserved function area will be waiting
✔ Two Signature cocktails per guests
✔ Japanese banquet dinner, gourmet dishes prepared by in house chef & kitchen
✔ 2 hr unlimited drinks, enjoy premium house spirits, wines & sparkling (5.00PM-7.00PM)
✔ Tickets & Transportation to the amazing MenXclusive or Mandate show (8.00PM-10.00PM) or 1 hour private use of a 11 Seater Party Bus

Price: $99 per head

Package Breakdown

$99 per head (15 guests minimum)
  1. Cooper's Pale Ale tap beer
  2. Sapporo tap beer
  3. Bay of Stone Shiraz
  4. Bay of Stone Sauvignon Blanc
  5. Bay of Stone Sparkling NV
  6. Wyborowa Vodka
  7. Ballantine Scotch
  8. Jim Beam Bourbon
  9. Beefeater Gin
  10. Havana Club Rum

Function Space

Arrive at Little Red Pocket at 5.00PM and skip the line with your V.I.P guest list.
Your function space will be waiting for your arrival. In regards to function spaces, each package includes a function space to suit your group size, so rest assured we will always arrange a space to suit your needs.


Your 2 hour unlimited beverage package commences at 5.00PM-7.00PM, package hours are set as your bus service to the show will arrive between 7.00PM-7.30PM. On arrival, please feel free to head up to the bar and grab a drink! A note to keep in mind, that we do enforce responsible serving of alcohol. Your first round of cocktails will be sent over to your table. Cocktails are pre-selected and confirmed prior the event.


Enjoy a beautiful Japanese banquet dinner, with a delicious chef's selection menu, Rice or wedges are available to accompany all dishes. Please feel free to advise us of any dietary requirements.

Enjoy the following chef selection menu:

Prawn Gyoza
Traditional Japanese prawn dumplings served with specials soy based gyoza sauce
Vegetable Gyoza
Lightly fried traditional vegetarian gyoza served with a house made light soy sauce
Chicken Katsu
Crumbed chicken breast, lightly fried and served with Japanese mayo & tonkatsu
Agadashi Tofu
Lightly fried silky tofu, served in domburi sauce
Ebi Mayo
Lightly battered tempura prawns, topped with thin slices of fresh toasted almonds & served with a house made creamy Japanese mayo
Traditional octopus meatballs, filled with cabbage, yam & green onion. Lightly fried & served with Japanese okonomiyaki sauce and mayo

Your choice of Bus or Show

To book with the show, this package can only be hosted from 5.00PM – 7.00PM Saturdays. Shows commence from 8.00PM.
To book without the show and opt for the bus option, we can host this package any time Tuesday – Friday from 4.00PM and Saturday from 6.00PM.

A 1 full hour private bus to seat 11 guests which can be booked to pick you ladies up at your preferred time and location! No need to rally the girls into separate cabs and pay overpriced fees!
This bus will make organising any event a breeze!

Between 7.00PM-7.30PM your bus will arrive to take you to the MenXclusive show. Shows are booked depending on venue availability. Transportation is all inclusive. When you arrive at the venue, no need to pay for entry, your package includes complimentary entry to the show.

Tickets are standing for all guests however in some cases a complimentary upgrade to seating is available; we will automatically have this arranged if complimentary upgrades are available. For guaranteed seating an upgrade can be arranged for an additional $20 per person.

Melbourne's premier venues for high class erotica, in a show case Melbourne has never seen before, these shows are what everyone is talking about!
Come and feast your eyes on man flesh with the best male revue show the hottest bodies & sexiest moves! Some unbelievable performances by Australia’s best and international stars.

Notes: It is important that the group arrives on time at 5.00PM if you would like to choose the SHOW as part of your package. As the package includes a food & drink service and shows commence at 8.00PM we need to leave enough time to not only let you enjoy your food and drinks but also transport the group over in time for the show, we would be disappointed for you to miss any acts from our amazing array of performances!

As these packages include shows & transportation, please keep in mind that we do work with other companies therefore, all function details including food & drink choices, final numbers and payment need to be confirmed 2 weeks prior to the event.

Transport to your show is included in the package and your mode of transportation will be a 11-seater bus. However, in the rare occasion that the bus is unavailable, the venue will arrange a replacement mode of transport of maxi cabs. Simply sit back, relax and let us do all the organising for you!

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