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Little Red Pocket brings you the best cocktails Melbourne has to offer, serving Japanese inspired and traditional cocktails with fresh ingredients that bring unique characteristics of Japan’s national spirits.

Lychee Long Time

A straight up sexy and seductive mix of Hakatsuru sake, fresh lychee, cloudy apple & French rose syrup


Hakatsuru sake sake, luscious fresh pineapple juice, aromatic Licor 43, sweet candied Lena banana and house made spiced syrup comprising hints of cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, fennel & juniper levelled out with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Served on the rocks

Mr. Miyagi

Lightly fried traditional vegetarian gyoza served with a homemade light soy sauce Whisky perfectly complimented with raspberry puree and Kokuto umeshu in a slightly off beat combination. Lengthened with cranberry juice, balanced with a touch of lemon. This drink is served tall over crushed ice

Kyurri Nushi

An invigorating compilation of sake, cucumber, Dolin Blanc Vermouth and apple. A refreshing, cool, crisp drink served straight up