5 good reasons why it’s great to start your hen’s night off at a restaurant

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5 good reasons why it’s great to start your hen’s night off at a restaurant

Planning a hen’s night out is no easy task. Even an 8 A.M work presentation after a sleepless Sunday can seem a walk in the park compared to throwing a party for a bride-to-be and her BFFs. So, instead of stressing out and turning everything into a daunting mission, why not start a hens party at a restaurant? Here are 5 good reasons why:

It’s easy to plan ahead

Even a seasoned party pro can stumble across planning obstacles in the attempt to organize the hen event on foreign ground, but picking out a restaurant everybody loves, making a reservation and going over a few details with the staff is pretty much a no-brainer.

Pick a date, sit down with the bride and find out what spoils her taste buds, then send the party guests a cute little invitation that will announce the high-calorie event to come (actually, do make sure the restaurant can accommodate low-calories/veggie courses too if the invitees are to fit in their bridesmaid dresses when the moment comes).

group of girls out to dinner

Everyone can afford it

Let’s be realistic here. The bride may want her BFFs fly to some decadent venue made famous on Trip Advisor, however not everyone can afford a distant destination and an extravagant venue. And since it’s customary to have the attendees pay for the hen’s party expenses, a restaurant closer to home becomes a viable, more affordable option. It’s easy to turn a hen’s party into an expensive occasion if you were to cater to pretentious needs, but starting the night off at a restaurant doesn’t leave as much room to go overboard. Fun, chatter and a yummy banquet that may explicitly-shaped cakes. It’s a win-win situation.


Keeping the priorities straight

When planning a hen’s party and trying to please everyone, chances are you might end up splitting the group instead of bringing everyone together. Start the night off at a club for example, and you’ll see the guests scattering around on the dance floor, at the bar, in the quiet corner where nobody is dancing etc. The hen’s party is supposed to give the bride the opportunity to hang out and chat with her girl friends in favourable places, and a restaurant is the perfect spot to chill and catch up before heading out to noisier and wilder venues.

two girls having fun dancing

Everyone’s cup of tea

You might want to consider the fact that not everyone would enjoy a forced mani/pedi at a spa, not everyone would feel comfortable having a stripper brush against them and not everyone would want to start the night drinking cocktails on an empty stomach. A great restaurant or bar with a cheery ambiance is everyone’s cup of tea and whatever you and the bridal group decide to do later, everything will seem much more pleasurable after you had eaten your fill.

girls drinking cocktails

Tailored to your groups needs

A restaurant with a private area is ideal if you want the bridal party to enjoy fooling around away from prying eyes. This way you’ll be able to enjoy all the surprises you have in store for the invitees, be it fun party supplies and accessories or a naughty little game you brainstormed the night before. You don’t want an audience for pink tutus and wiggly penis tiaras, do you?


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