Classy Dress Codes For Girls and Guys For a Night on the Town

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Classy Dress Codes For Girls and Guys For a Night on the Town

Looks matter to just about everyone, without a doubt. However, looks matter the most when it comes to going out to town for a fun night. Whether you plan on going to a restaurant or to a night club, you definitely want to look attractive yet classy at the same time. Unfortunately, such a look can be rather difficult to achieve, especially if you normally don’t have the best taste in clothes. Here are some classy dress codes for both girls and guys for a fun night in town.

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Make Sure You’re Well-Groomed and Neat

A huge aspect of a classy and attractive appearance is looking neat and well-groomed. Even if you’re wearing a sophisticated outfit, don’t expect to impress people of the opposite gender if you look like a mess. Before you even start getting dressed, make sure you take a shower and tend to your hygiene. Not only do you want to look clean, but you also want to smell clean. Make sure you put on your best perfume and cologne and don’t forget to apply deodorant. Use mouthwash and keep gum in your pocket or purse so that you can freshen up your breath throughout the night.

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Adhere to Basic Rules

When picking your outfit for the night, take care to keep things classy but not too conservative. The best way to accomplish this is by choosing a balanced outfit. For example, if a women wants to wear an outfit with sex appeal without showing too much skin, she can choose to show either the breasts or the legs with her outfit. If you’re concerned that you look too conservative, you should choose both classy and casual clothing garments to make up your outfit. Essentially, compiling your outfit for the evening should involve a lot of give and take.

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Stick to Classic Materials

When picking out your outfit for the evening, it is best to stick to classic materials whenever possible. Some examples of classic materials include cotton, denim, and jersey. Leather is also a good option in some cases, especially for shoes and purses. You can also try high quality synthetics, as these clothing garments will be cheaper than those made of classic materials. The difference between the classic materials and high quality synthetics will be subtle and not necessarily bad.

While it is important to stick to quality materials, it is even more essential that the clothing garments fit you well. Simply because a garment is made from jersey doesn’t necessarily mean it will fit you well.

If you’re planning for an evening out in town, you definitely want to take the time to plan a classy and attractive outfit. As long as you follow these dress codes for a night out in town, you can be sure you will be dressed to impress.


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