Little Red Pocket is the Place to Be This Time of the Year!

If you’re interested in having a good time, Little Red Pocket is undoubtedly the best place to be this time of the year. Whether you want to hang out with your friends or meet new people, you will have no problem enjoying yourself at the many events hosted at Little Red Pocket.


Special Guests on Pocket Fridays

At many of the events hosted at Little Red Pocket, special guests are invited to entertain all the attendees. Many of these special guests are famous celebrities. For example, at the last Pocket Friday, DJ Jesse J was invited to ensure all the guests had a great time. If you missed out on the last Pocket Friday, don’t fret, as special guests are invited to just about every Pocket Friday.

Queens Birthday – Public Holiday Event

The Queens Birthday is coming up this June, which is right around the corner. If you’re like most people, you’re probably brainstorming ways to celebrate the special occasion. Fortunately, a public holiday event will be held at Little Red Pocket to celebrate the Queens Birthday. The Magic Men will be hosting the hottest male revue show ever on Sunday, June 12th, which is Queens Birthday Eve. This clubbing event, which is specifically for the ladies, will feature unlimited drinks and topless male who will cater to every need of attendees.

Poppin Bottles for the Queen

On December 6th, 2016, the event Poppin Bottles for the Queen will be held at Little Red Pocket. This event will feature DJs playing Sexy House and RNB. There will also be $200 premium bottle specials available all night. If you and your friends are looking for a way to enjoy yourselves on the eve of Recreation Day, you should plan on heading to the Little Red Pocket to enjoy yourselves all night long.

slider-poppin bottles

While the Little Red Pocket is a great place to be all year long, you definitely don’t want to miss out on any of the upcoming events. If you decide to attend one of the events at Little Red Pocket, you will experience a night that you will never forget. Therefore, you should take the time to mark your calendars so that you and your friends don’t miss out on all the great fun coming up. If you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming events at the Little Red Pocket, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you quickly.

Classy Dress Codes For Girls and Guys For a Night on the Town

Looks matter to just about everyone, without a doubt. However, looks matter the most when it comes to going out to town for a fun night. Whether you plan on going to a restaurant or to a night club, you definitely want to look attractive yet classy at the same time. Unfortunately, such a look can be rather difficult to achieve, especially if you normally don’t have the best taste in clothes. Here are some classy dress codes for both girls and guys for a fun night in town.

cool well dressed dark man

Make Sure You’re Well-Groomed and Neat

A huge aspect of a classy and attractive appearance is looking neat and well-groomed. Even if you’re wearing a sophisticated outfit, don’t expect to impress people of the opposite gender if you look like a mess. Before you even start getting dressed, make sure you take a shower and tend to your hygiene. Not only do you want to look clean, but you also want to smell clean. Make sure you put on your best perfume and cologne and don’t forget to apply deodorant. Use mouthwash and keep gum in your pocket or purse so that you can freshen up your breath throughout the night.

guy surrounded by girls

Adhere to Basic Rules

When picking your outfit for the night, take care to keep things classy but not too conservative. The best way to accomplish this is by choosing a balanced outfit. For example, if a women wants to wear an outfit with sex appeal without showing too much skin, she can choose to show either the breasts or the legs with her outfit. If you’re concerned that you look too conservative, you should choose both classy and casual clothing garments to make up your outfit. Essentially, compiling your outfit for the evening should involve a lot of give and take.

two well dressed pretty girls

Stick to Classic Materials

When picking out your outfit for the evening, it is best to stick to classic materials whenever possible. Some examples of classic materials include cotton, denim, and jersey. Leather is also a good option in some cases, especially for shoes and purses. You can also try high quality synthetics, as these clothing garments will be cheaper than those made of classic materials. The difference between the classic materials and high quality synthetics will be subtle and not necessarily bad.

While it is important to stick to quality materials, it is even more essential that the clothing garments fit you well. Simply because a garment is made from jersey doesn’t necessarily mean it will fit you well.

If you’re planning for an evening out in town, you definitely want to take the time to plan a classy and attractive outfit. As long as you follow these dress codes for a night out in town, you can be sure you will be dressed to impress.


Why are small hidden nightclubs usually the best ones?

Everybody knows that Australia has raging night clubs. It seems that everyone likes to party Down Under. How they party, however, varies from city to city and so do the door policies and the lockout laws. This is why it’s important to keep your priorities straight and know ahead what vibes you’re going to encounter. But what happens if you’re not the average club hopper? If you find large, crowded nightclubs full of sweaty people, why not enjoy partying somewhere different next weekend and channel the underground explorer in you?

There are loads of exciting small hidden nightclubs just waiting to be discovered and although you won’t find them on the first page of Google, there are well worth checking out! Here’s why:

That’s where the cool kids are

A subterranean secluded place is the perfect spot for mainstream hideout for all the underground singers, bands and DJs whose gigs turn into an epic party until sunrise. These are the types of places that attract interesting crowds of colourful people who unite in the name of fun and cheerful banter!

two girls having fun dancing

Bragging material

When’s the last time you discovered a hip entertainment venue that made all your friends deeply appreciative for knowing you? Hidden places with unmarked doors are all ripe and waiting to be explored so finding a secret treasure that’s not on the clubbing map will surely give you a reason to brag about.

Creative and elaborate drinks

Tired of the same old drinks? If you too pray at the booze gods for larger, more interesting menus, it’s a sign to move on. Stop sipping at the same ordinary clubs and go to underground venues where you can enjoy drinks with naughty names, exciting ingredients, fun-shaped ice or served in peculiar ways. Those are the kind of spots that let you mix your own cocktails if you’re feeling creative. Or simply let an adventurous bartender take his own funky spin on old classics.

purple cocktail drinks

Outstanding décor

If it’s hidden, it’s small and fun-sized means freedom to really provide mind-blowing décor. Backdrop of industrial walls and interesting wall art, stunning mirrors, antique furniture, opulent lighting fixtures, cosy ambiance are just a few of the elements you can discover in small hidden nightclubs and once you find them, you won’t want to leave.

modern bar

Great staff

Freed from the stress of dealing with a monumental crowd, the staff working in underground clubs and their close friends is a cheery, motivated bunch with awesome stories to tell. Not interested? Did we mention the adventurous bartenders?

bartender making shots

Stimulating music

Mainstream music has its perks, but what you really want to hear is the kind of music that makes your blood rush through your veins and leaves you with the biggest question: what song is this? If you wish to enjoy the freedom of dancing in non-judgemental company and you’d like some new audio material for your earphones, the small hidden nightclubs hold the best tracks and mixes.

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World Famous Japanese Dishes

There’s nothing ordinary about Japan, or its food. And although exceptional culinary diversity is part of their rich culture, there are not many dishes popular in the West. Those that are however, are gracing the menus of restaurants and food venues from around the world. Here are the top Japanese Dishes that broke quite a few cultural barriers along the way:

Sushi and Sashimi

These two are subject to a lot of confusion, caused by the fact that they have the following element in common: raw meat. Sushi consists of rice sprinkled with vinegar. There are numerous sushi varieties around, and while some do include raw fish, others are based on other ingredients, including cooked ones. Although great sushi can be found at steep prices in the West, its origins are in the humble street food.
Sashimi is represented by raw fish (or other types of seafood) cut in thin slices, served, NOT with rice, but with wasabi and shoyu, and it’s always raw. So, whether you’re into salmon, mackerel, sweetfish or sweet shrimp, it’s essential that the meat is fresh and the cook knows what he’s doing.

gourmet sushi on board


Anyone looking to end up in deep-fried heaven should give Tempura a try. This dish is one of Japan’s most famous meals, though its origins are not even Japanese, but Portuguese. The technique of deep-frying brought by the Portuguese in Nagasaki in the 16th century quickly caught on the Japanese people who gave their own spin to it. They use vegetables, seafood, mushrooms or meat drenched in batter and deep friend, resulting in a delicious, crispy-textured food that is sometimes seasoned with salt or served dipped in light sauce.


Anime, movies and books made Ramen world famous. It’s one of the most popular noodle dishes around, and it was actually introduced from China, though the current dish was completely Japanized. It’s a stimulating combo of salt and fat, consisting of Chinese style noodles soaked in a soup featuring different toppings.

ramen noodles

Japanese Curry Rice

Rice has been THE most important food in Japanese gastronomy for over 2 millennia. And despite all sorts of culinary imports and transformation in eating habits, rice remains a key ingredient in Japanese dishes today.
The Japanese Curry Rice is sweeter than its Indian counterpart, containing surprising elements like apples and honey. It hosts an intriguing blend of delicate spice, sweetness and soothing aromas that makes it a favorite amongst those that find white rice too bland.

japanese curry and rice


Ah, another street food that became extremely popular outside Japan’s borders is Yakitori, consisting of meat skewers seasoned with salt or draped in tare, a sweet soy-derived sauce. The meat used is chicken and almost every part of this bird ends up on the charcoal grill.

yakitori and lime

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5 good reasons why it’s great to start your hen’s night off at a restaurant

Planning a hen’s night out is no easy task. Even an 8 A.M work presentation after a sleepless Sunday can seem a walk in the park compared to throwing a party for a bride-to-be and her BFFs. So, instead of stressing out and turning everything into a daunting mission, why not start a hens party at a restaurant? Here are 5 good reasons why:

It’s easy to plan ahead

Even a seasoned party pro can stumble across planning obstacles in the attempt to organize the hen event on foreign ground, but picking out a restaurant everybody loves, making a reservation and going over a few details with the staff is pretty much a no-brainer.

Pick a date, sit down with the bride and find out what spoils her taste buds, then send the party guests a cute little invitation that will announce the high-calorie event to come (actually, do make sure the restaurant can accommodate low-calories/veggie courses too if the invitees are to fit in their bridesmaid dresses when the moment comes).

group of girls out to dinner

Everyone can afford it

Let’s be realistic here. The bride may want her BFFs fly to some decadent venue made famous on Trip Advisor, however not everyone can afford a distant destination and an extravagant venue. And since it’s customary to have the attendees pay for the hen’s party expenses, a restaurant closer to home becomes a viable, more affordable option. It’s easy to turn a hen’s party into an expensive occasion if you were to cater to pretentious needs, but starting the night off at a restaurant doesn’t leave as much room to go overboard. Fun, chatter and a yummy banquet that may explicitly-shaped cakes. It’s a win-win situation.


Keeping the priorities straight

When planning a hen’s party and trying to please everyone, chances are you might end up splitting the group instead of bringing everyone together. Start the night off at a club for example, and you’ll see the guests scattering around on the dance floor, at the bar, in the quiet corner where nobody is dancing etc. The hen’s party is supposed to give the bride the opportunity to hang out and chat with her girl friends in favourable places, and a restaurant is the perfect spot to chill and catch up before heading out to noisier and wilder venues.

two girls having fun dancing

Everyone’s cup of tea

You might want to consider the fact that not everyone would enjoy a forced mani/pedi at a spa, not everyone would feel comfortable having a stripper brush against them and not everyone would want to start the night drinking cocktails on an empty stomach. A great restaurant or bar with a cheery ambiance is everyone’s cup of tea and whatever you and the bridal group decide to do later, everything will seem much more pleasurable after you had eaten your fill.

girls drinking cocktails

Tailored to your groups needs

A restaurant with a private area is ideal if you want the bridal party to enjoy fooling around away from prying eyes. This way you’ll be able to enjoy all the surprises you have in store for the invitees, be it fun party supplies and accessories or a naughty little game you brainstormed the night before. You don’t want an audience for pink tutus and wiggly penis tiaras, do you?


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