Best Hen’s Party Themes:

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Best Hen’s Party Themes:

There are many things to consider when deciding on a theme for your hens party and we’ve compiled a list to make your job that little bit easier. Not all hens’ parties are the same so selecting the perfect theme can be a challenge to overcome.

Below are some of our favourite options to suit all types of hens groups:

  • Gatsby theme – This is a very popular and elegant theme, it allows the guests to be creative with accessories and are not bound to any specific colour combinations or choices. Beautiful and affordable headwear pieces are also available from retail stores such as Lovisa or Diva as low as $10. A beautiful theme, you can guarantee you and the girls will be the belle of any ball you walk into!
  • Ballerina/Tutu – A classic theme the tutu can be cute, fun and affordable. If you want to save further, you can even have tutu’s custom made for you and the girls. With a short trip to your nearest fabric store and a generic sewing machine, you can whip up custom tutus for all guests in no time. If sewing is not your forte, there are also “no sewing” templates and tutorials available online!
  • Angel/Devils – This theme is fun, exciting and it’s always interesting to see which way the girls decide to go! Or you can have all the single ladies dress up as devils, and spoken for women as angels. Another option is to have all the ladies dress up as devils, with the hens having more exaggerated accessories; after all, it is a night for decadence and mischievous.
  • Colour theme – A colour theme is both effective and simple. All the girls can dress in one colour and of course our beautiful hens will dress is a colour to contrast. Try black dresses for the girls and a spicy red for the hens. Or pretty in pink dresses for the ladies and a white dress for the hens, she can practice for her big day! This option is also easier for the guests as they are not obligated to purchase a new outfit which means there can be more budget allocated for the event itself.

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