Best birthday party ever

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Best birthday party ever

Be grateful as every year passes, you are reminded that you are still living and that’s something to be thankful for, even if the reminder has come with a ringing bell that you are a year older. But when you come to think of it, you become a year wiser, a year more blessed, and a year more ready for the next. However, sometimes you never choose to hold celebrations for your birthday. Why is that when you have got a whole bunch of reasons to party? And speaking of parties, probably it worries you how to host one, which makes you back away from the idea.

Birthday parties has to be one of the most special celebrations a person should hold. But birthday celebrants do not have to worry how to make it memorable not only for themselves, for all the invited guests. If you want extravagance even just for that one special day every year, then Little Red Pocket is the place to be.

Little Red Pocket is Japanese-themed Cocktail Bar situated in Melbourne, Australia. Although, it does not deny you of great music, food and drinks that will surely keep you coming every year for your birthday. At the same time, their staff will be helping you plan for your event to ensure that your birthday party will be truly unforgettable for everyone because of their creative ideas that no other cocktail bar could top.

With this, Little Red Pocket offers different birthday packages for you to choose from: the Samurai package, the Sumo package, the Kamikaze package, and the Godzilla package.


The Samurai package includes a one house spirit bottle, one bottle of sparkling, V.I.P. free list and an exclusive reserved area all for only $250, for which you would normally avail at $258.

The Sumo package, like the Samurai package, also includes one house spirit bottle, one bottle of sparkling, V.I.P. free list and an exclusive reserved area. In addition, this package also includes three cocktail jugs, and two gold food platter all for only $400 with an $83 discount from its normal value.

The Kamikaze package includes two house spirit bottles, three bottles of sparkling, three cocktail jugs, two premium food platters, a V.I.P. free list and an exclusive reserved area for only $600.

For the most luxurious, yet the best offer for an extraordinary birthday celebration, Godzilla package is offered for $2000 with a $500 bar tab, four premium spirit bottles, five cocktail jugs, five bottles of sparkling, five premium food platters, ten signature cocktails, one hour exclusive photographer, a V.I.P free list and an exclusive reserved area, but which saves you $745 dollars from its regular value.

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These are all the birthday packages that Little Red Pocket could confidently offer you with a promise of a remarkable birthday party. In addition tothis are the hardworking and artistic staff and the delicious food and drinks that will you surely want to celebrate another birthday in the same place. Book one now for the best birthday venue in Melbourne!

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